Systolia/Diastolia is an experimental synthesis of multiple contemplations on life cycles and permanence. Cartography, automatic writing, the desire to create two dimensional work that can be viewed from more than one side, the cycles of plant life systems and their similarity to heart rate monitor readings- all of these are addressed or acknowledged. I also wanted to incorporate a support which is both durable and transitory; translucent yet having solidity. Duality is the desired expression. The images are irregularly sized, on translucent vellum, and mounted in clear plexiglass so they can be viewed from both sides, and to allow light to create moving patterns and shadows in an around the works.

Systolia Front

17"x 38", Vellum with vegetable dyes, ink, acrylics, chalks.Double sided image.

Systolia Reverse

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Diastolia Reverse

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18.5"x 39". Vellum with vegetable dyes, ink, acrylic and chalks.

Solar Chalice

15.5"x 19". Vellum with Vegetable Dyes, Ink, Acrylic and Chalk.